-stable make world: ERROR: Required audit group is missing, see /usr/src/UPDATING

Scott Robbins scottro at nyc.rr.com
Sat Mar 11 22:14:08 UTC 2006

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On Sat, Mar 11, 2006 at 04:50:05PM -0500, Kim Culhan wrote:
> Subject says it all.. nothing in UPDATING regarding audit group.
> Appears to have been in the process of linking sshd
> This src is RELENG_6 cvsup'd ~1930 UTC this date
> Any help is greatly appreciated

Heh, however, there is, at the end, something about running mergemaster
- -p before doing make installworld.   That's the solution. 

In fairness, many folks often skip mergemaster -p without ill effect
till something like this happens. 

There have been many posts about this.  One could argue back and forth
or submit a patch for UPDATING.  The pro side of adding it is that there
have been a lot of posts similar to this and it is considered a server
O/S not a hobbyist O/S, and busy sysadmins who have been updating for a
long time and not bitten by ignoring mergemaster -p (I forget the last
time it caught a lot of people--was it with the authpf?--in a long time,
should probably be reminded by a note in UPDATING.   

The con side is that if you're updating to a PRERELEASE, you're more a
tester and/or developer as it's probably not a good idea to update to it
on a production server.

Having said this, I can smugly say that I wasn't bitten by it, because I
learned my lesson the last time, and have a little installworld.sh
script that runs mergemaster -p before doing installworld.  I'm also too
lazy to submit a patch for UPDATING, and will just say, Hey Warner or
someone, you oughta put a note about it in there. 

All whimsicality aside, this sort of thing is the reason that it really
is better to not skip mergemaster -p before doing installworld--if
there's nothing for it to do, it only takes a minute, even on a slower

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