ath(4) and 802.11g speed

Damian Gerow dgerow at
Sat Mar 11 02:32:18 UTC 2006

Thus spake Daniel O'Connor (doconnor at [10/03/06 07:09]:
: > I've been doing some testing with kismet throughout the night, and I've
: > been seeing consistant signal strengths around -50 to -60dBm, with noise
: > sitting pretty consistantly at -96, and its strongest reading (after about
: > six hours) is -90dBm.  At least, if I'm to believe what Kismet is telling
: > me.
: >
: > This machine is about five feet (albeit through a concrete wall) from the
: > AP. A wireless laptop that's about twenty feet (again, through concrete)
: > has connected at 54Mbps without issues.
: What happens if you exit Kismet and try an associate?

That's what I did originally, which prompted the thread: a cold-boot into an
associate gives me 11Mbps.  I was only running Kismet to help diagnose the

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