well-supported SATA RAID card?

adam at adamretter.eclipse.co.uk adam at adamretter.eclipse.co.uk
Sat Mar 11 02:03:25 UTC 2006

   I use a Hightpoint Rocketraid 1640 under FreeBSD 5 and 6 an   had no problems with it, works like a dream, I have 3 x 250GB Maxtor   drives attached to it in RAID 5 configuration. Highpoint provide the
   I did have a problem with the driver when I upgraded from   of 5.x to another, but I hasled Highpoint and they released a    driver. Have you tried hasling their technical support bods? I have f   ound them very good :-)

   Thanks Adam
   On Fri Mar 10 9:01 , "Brian Szymanski" sent:

 After not having much success with the hptmv driver for
          luck with any<     Is there a SATA RAID card with
 utilities that let you manage while the OS is running that
     folks have had
 good luck with? I've been happy with the megaraid
     series on linux at my
 job, but I'm wondering if the management utilities are there on
 Thanks in advance...
 Brian Szymanski
 Software and Systems Developer
 Media Matters for America
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