nfsclient process stucks in nfsaio

Rong-En Fan grafan at
Sat Mar 11 01:56:36 UTC 2006

On 3/10/06, Rong-En Fan <grafan at> wrote:
> With INVARIANT, WITNESS enabled, when I tried to ^C
> to exit dd, it panics immediately. Some ddb & kgdb
> messages below (I have KDB_TRACE, KDB_UNATTENDED).
> Core file is available. Any help is appreciated :-)
> UPDATE: sometimes, I cant ^C or kill -9 the dd process even
> with mpsafenet=0. In that situation, a panic with similar trace
> as below, which is mpsafenet=1.


After tried with SMP with different combination of
debug.mpsafe{net,vm,vfs}, UP kernel, all the same.

Also, I did tune

options         MAXDSIZ=(2048UL*1024*1024)
options         MAXSSIZ=(128UL*1024*1024)
options         DFLDSIZ=(2048UL*1024*1024)

in my kernel. Dont know if this afftects or not. I will try remove
them, and test again.

Rong-En Fan

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