RELENG_4 on flash disk and swap

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Sat Mar 11 01:23:33 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-Mar-10 15:53:43 +0200, Dmitry Pryanishnikov wrote:
> But AFAIK the kernel kills NOT the requesting process but the one with the
>largest RSS. This selection algorithm seems to be the dumbest one, since
>process with largest RSS almost always is the process which does some real 

This frees up the greatest amount of memory and so minimises the risk
of the problem recurring.

> Compare "never satisfy request" and "kill another, totally unrelated, 

This has been argued about many times in the past - though not with
any satisfactory solution AFAIK.  Look for 'SIGDANGER' in the archives.

Peter Jeremy

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