well-supported SATA RAID card?

Brian Szymanski ski at mediamatters.org
Fri Mar 10 09:20:11 UTC 2006

> Mornin'
>> After not having much success with the hptmv driver for highpoint's
>> rocketraid 1820A, I'm wondering if other folks have had good luck with
>> any
>> SATA RAID cards with at least 6 ports... Is there a SATA RAID card with
>> utilities that let you manage while the OS is running that folks have
>> had
>> good luck with? I've been happy with the megaraid series on linux at my
>> job, but I'm wondering if the management utilities are there on freebsd,
>> etc.
> http://www.icp-vortex.com/english/product/pci/rz_sata_8/8586rz_e.htm
> Expensive? Yes.
> Fast, reliable, cheap - pick any two ;-)

In my case, I'm actually shooting for reliable and (relatively) cheap :)
Fast is nice but I don't much care, so the megaraids look slightly better
than this product, but thanks for the tip anyway :)

Brian Szymanski
Software and Systems Developer
Media Matters for America
ski at mediamatters.org

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