libthr + libtool bump + mysql

Chris chrcoluk at
Thu Mar 9 17:43:28 UTC 2006


I recently noticed after the libtool bump using libthr on 5.3 and 5.4
release servers for mysql causes the process to hang when a kill is
issued and become unkillable even with -9 and the only way to recover
is reboot the server.  The problem is not on 6.0 and 5.4-STABLE.  So
this would suggest to me libthr is updated in the 5.x branch.

Will libthr in 5.5 be the same as in 6.0 or does the 6.x version still
have advantages?

Should I contact the mysql port maintainer and ask him to add a
warning to the port concerning libthr on 5.4 release and older?

Out of 2 servers which I use mysql on one is been upgraded to 6.1 when
its released but the other will remain 5.x for the reason I cant
afford to take chances something wont work right after upgrading a
major version, however if the first server upgrades without any
serious glitches I will consider it for the future on the 2nd server.


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