Changing release version on source

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Wed Mar 8 20:17:15 UTC 2006

On 3/8/06, Mike Jakubik <mikej at> wrote:
> Does anyone know how to change the release version of the source code? I
> have some brain dead software (Plesk) that insists on FreeBSD 5.3, while
> it will work just fine on 5.5 and even 6. I am wondering i can change
> the version of RELENG_5 code so that this software will think its 5.3-R
> and let me install. I have tried changing the variable in
> /usr/src/release/Makefile, but that seems to have no effect.
To change it, you would have to edit sys/*/param.h.

Does the installer for this program use shell scripts?  If it does,
you could edit the shell scripts to reconize newer version of FreeBSD.

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