Remote Installworld

Miguel Lopes Santos Ramos miguel at
Wed Mar 8 12:56:41 UTC 2006

> From: "Nick Price" <nick at>
> Subject: RE: Remote Installworld
> >    I'm currently administering a machine about 1500mi from me with nobody
> >    local to the machine to assist me.  Anyways, my only access to this
> >    machine is via SSH, no remote serial console or anything.
> >    When I try to do a "make installworld" I end up with
> >    install: rename: /lib/INS at aTxk to /lib/ Operation not
> >    permitted
> >    very shortly thereafter.  I cannot boot into single user mode because
> >    I am far, far away from the machine.  What can I do to finish the
> >    installworld?
> >    Thanks
> >    Nick
> >    ________________________________________________
> >    VHCS Webmail
> The securelevel wouldn't allow me to change the flag.
> Thanks anyways
> Nick

Is it really the securelevel? I had a similar problem on a diskless machine,
file flags couldn't be changed through NFS, so I had to remove the schg flags
on the server.


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