[SOLVED] cnet compile problem

B .Wiggins synack at netspace.net.au
Wed Mar 8 02:04:48 UTC 2006

Hello Brett,

> >        I am currently studying a Data communications and networking 
> > subject at Monash University. I am using cnet at home for the labs on my 
> > FreeBSD notebook as we are using William Stallings' textbook. There 
> > seems to be a problem with the cnet source code. I have emailed the 
> > FreeBSD cnet maintainer and they suggested emailing you. Basically the 
> > problem is as follows;

All of these errors are "the same" and stem from the fact that your
version of cnet, v2.0.9 I think, was built before the latest versions of
gcc (in FreeBSD and Fedora, among others) became more aggressive about
parameter type checking.

Two simple changes are necessary:

In the cnet header file, cnet.h, change to:

    extern void CNET_exit(const char *filenm, const char *function, int lineno);

and in src/exit.c change to:

    void CNET_exit(const char *filenm, const char *function, int lineno)

I've made these and a few other (overdue) changes in the distribution,
now v2.0.10,  available from from:


Please feel free to distribute this email as widely as you need.
Comments and more bug reports welcome.

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