Setup and Boot Sequence Issues Revisited

Benjamin Sher delphi123 at
Tue Mar 7 23:00:47 UTC 2006

Dear friends:

Sorry to report that the issue may be more complicated.

1) I played around with the $15 Micro keyboard that successfully allowed 
access to my Setup. I set the boot sequence for the CD Rom and inserted 
my Win XP Pro OS CD. I then saved the settings and let it boot. It 
brought up the line about booting from the CD. So, I clicked hoping that 
this would allow me to bring up the WinXP CD. Instead, I got the same 
"Click on F1 to retry Setup or Click on F12 for boot menu." When I 
clicked on these options, I ended up in a loop.

2) I have a DVD player drive (for movies, etc) that is listed as one of 
the drives (listed as "OFF", volume=Unknown). Options when clicking on 
it: OFF or n/a. Unfortunately, the boot sequence lists only three 
options: Floppy, Hard Disk, IDE CD ROM. But NOT the DVD drive.

I was considering buying the latest Linux Format magazine with the 
FreeBSD DVD, but now it seems that, due to the restrictions of my BIOS, 
I will not be able to install anything from this DVD into my second hard 
drive. Is that true?

Thank you all so much.


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