FreeBSD 6.0 on TC1000

Milan Obuch stable at
Tue Mar 7 17:51:41 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 07 March 2006 15:58, John Nielsen wrote:

I will try to document your method on my web.
It's far easier than my first method - take disc drive out, install system 
elsewhere, do not forget anything and enjoy :)

> > While I consider using loading kbdmux extremely useful, it did not work
> > as an alternative for your installing method. Neither buttons nor
> > keyboard worked, so no use...
> Yeah, I'll have to play around with this some more.

Just to be exact - it did not work at install time. I did load kbdmux from 
loader prompt, but to no avail... Loading kbdmux after FreeBSD is installed 
(tested with 7.0-CURRENT) works great.


> I don't have the tablet with me at the moment, but I do have the kernel
> config file (attached).  The only options in there that I don't typically
> include on other machines are CPU_ENABLE_LONGRUN and SC_PIXEL_MODE, but I
> did have the sound and CD-ROM working on this kernel.

I do include CPU_ENABLE_LONGRUN in my kernel as well, SC_PIXEL_MODE is not yet 
known to me. I will test it. Reason I am asking about config is there are 
some special devices there not yet functioning - Compaq QMenu button and 
(designed to be) Outlook button are the first coming in sight. There are 
others... like softmodem, atmel wifi, pen. From these mentioned, pen is 
working - see for patch I am 
using for this. Three 'soft touch' buttons (change orientation, journal and 
editor) do not work, but I will try to play with them somewhat later. 
Actually they are just a pen extensions. Sound is working well, too.
By the way, do you have docking station as well or are you using USB connected 


> I did set up, but don't have my config file.  "Xorg -configure" was
> reasonably helpful.  I may have only been able to use X's VESA driver, but
> I don't remember for certain.  I do remember that the mouse was flakey.

I am using X (oh, just remembered, I reported tablet working with FreeBSD at 
some database some at or something like this some 
time, maybe two years, ago with 5.2.1) and no problem, mouse did not work, 
but works with 7.0-CURRENT, but I have no X there yet.

> My inability to get the built-in wireless working (even with NDIS) coupled
> with the mouse not behaving well enough to use in X put a damper on my
> enthusiasm for running FreeBSD on the device.  I didn't explore using the
> stylus at all.

Do not get disgust yourself, this tablet is great, eve if not everything works 
at all or well. I choose it because of its weight - half of those mean 
notebooks, got great price for the device and great device to play with as 
well :)

I am using standard USB mouse or stylus. Both work well, so no trouble at all. 
And this is my almost daily used tablet, so I can only tell it's OK. Well, 
but could be better, and that's what I'am aiming at.

> I'd be interested in getting e-mail updates if you make any headway on any
> of those fronts, and I'll try to keep an eye on your blog.

Great. And, as usual, any help appreciated to keep everything getting better.
There is much info on getting linux to work with TC1000, but almost nothing 
about FreeBSD, so when I get any trace I am investigating.

N. B.: No need to CC me, I read this list regularly.

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