rpc.lockd brokenness (2)

Miguel Ramos miguel at anjos.strangled.net
Tue Mar 7 17:39:19 UTC 2006

The problem I'm having is not exactly what is described in pr bin/80389,
although it is very much related. So, I'm unable to verify if the patch
you gave corrects the problem, since the problem is not visible on my

I do have a lockd hang, however... Here is as much data as I can gather:

1- Only one client machine of all I have, the only one which is remote
booted, hangs on startup with rpc.lockd/rpc.statd enabled.
The hang occurs when daemons try to open their pid file using
pidfile_open functions after statd and lockd have been started.

2- The problem does not appear when I do "touch test; lockf test echo

3- The only machine that shows this problem is the only machine
where /var is an NFS mount.

4- Applying the patch to revert to the Oct/2004 version, either to the
client or the server, didn't change a thing.

5- I'm led to believe that the hang on my machine is related to a
problem on the pidfile_open functions, not on rpc.lockd.

Can anybody else verify if the system hangs on pidfile_open when:
- /var is nfs mounted
- lockd and statd are running
- a daemon is started (perhaps /etc/rc.d/cron start)

Ter, 2006-03-07 às 08:10 +0900, Jun Kuriyama escreveu:
> At Mon, 06 Mar 2006 22:56:46 +0000,
> Miguel Ramos wrote:
> > I'm getting rpc.lockd related hangs on a single machine which is remote
> > booted. I'm goind to test you patch as soon as possible.
> Thanks!


Miguel Ramos <miguel at anjos.strangled.net>

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