device atapicam - causes huge slowdown

adam at adam at
Sun Mar 5 15:36:49 UTC 2006

   Sorry about the slow reply, been very busy with work and so havent had

   On your advi   kldload atapicam, I get    Basically "# kldload atap   the rest of the system gri

   So looks like I still have ata

   Thanks Adam.

   On Fri Feb 24 8:23 , Fabian Keil sent:   
     Adam Retter <[1]adam at> wro     
 > FreeBSD funkalicious.home.dom 6.1-PRERELEASE FreeBSD
     6.1-PRERELEASE #8     
 > Thu Feb 23 23:24:57 GMT 2006
     [2]root at funkalicious.home.dom:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/funkalicious i     386
 > I have a fairly straight-forward kernel config (see below) I
     think, ye     
 > if I enable "device atapicam", and buildkernel and installke     rnel and
 > reboot, the system starts up fine until it get's to finding
     disks and<     5 minutes to get to
 > get to the login prompt, but I havent been tolerant to wait
     that long<     
 > If I dont use "device atapicam" the system is perfect, but I     could
 > really do with enabling it, for CD/DVD writting purposes...
 If you don't use "device atapicam" you can kldload atapicam.ko
 You could try it to see if it makes a difference.


   1. 3D"javascript:top.opencompose('adam at ada   2. 3D"javascript:top.opencompose('root at funkalicious.home.dom','',   3. file://localhost/tmp/3D"

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