5.4-STABLE hangs every few days

Rob MacGregor freebsd.macgregor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Mar 4 23:37:20 UTC 2006

When we last met our heroes on 04 March 2006 23:15,
 Brad Waite <> was heard to say:
> How do I determine if it's a hardware issue, namely RAM or CPU?  Can
> breaking into the debugger tell me that, or do I have to start swapping
> pieces out?

memtest86 can help diagnose RAM problems.  I'm not aware of any free
programs for testing the CPU etc though (I've only used PC-Check before -
it's good, but it isn't cheap).

Worth trying to see if there's anything that the freezes have in common -
busy system, particular program, time of day, etc.

 Rob | Oh my God! They killed init! You bastards!

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