How do I chase 5.*4* stable?

Bartosz Fabianowski freebsd at
Sat Mar 4 20:07:19 UTC 2006

> resulted in a quite broken (and *un*stable) 5.5-PRERELEASE

RELENG_5 is 5.x-STABLE *most* of the time. When a release is nearing, 
the first few steps of preparation happen directly on the stable branch, 
so it will become 5.y-PRERELEASE (and IIRC even 5.y-BETA1). Then, when 
the new release gets its own branch, the stable branch will become 

> 1)
> How can I chase 5.4-STABLE? Can I just use: *default release=cvs 
> tag=RELENG_5_4
> in my stable-src-supfile and ports-supfile to accomplish this?

In your stable-src-supfile - yes, this is correct. This will give you 
the 5.4 errata branch. In your ports-supfile - don't do this. Ports 
should always be checked out from HEAD. There is no such thing as a 
ports errata branch for a particular old release in FreeBSD. Ports from 
HEAD should work on all supported (and many unsupported older) releases 
of FreeBSD.

> 2)
> After a fresh install from 5.4 CD's
> cvsup with (stable) settings then a make/ install/ kernel &&
> make (build)/ install world, can I simply copy /etc/passwd && /etc/group
> *over* top of the one(s) created; there-by (safely) maintaining my current
> userbase/ permissions?

No. This is what mergemaster is for. It allows you to merge your 
customized settings with whatever changes might have occurred in the 
source tree.

- Bartosz

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