Remote tunefs -n enable

Tofik Suleymanov tofik at
Sat Mar 4 16:07:10 UTC 2006

MC wrote:
> Hello again
> I have another issue on the same box.  The bloke who installed FreeBSD 6.0onto
> the machine is a linux man.  He didn't know about softupdates nor apparently
> does
> he know yet about option 4 [read only singule user mode] on the bootloader.
> Consequently he hasn't set softupdates on the main '/' partition
> On Freebsd 4.x from ssh2 I used to:
> mount -fr /dev/ad0s1a /
> tunefs -n enable /dev/ad0s1a
> mount /dev/ad0s1a /
> but attempting this on FreeBSD 6.x immediately locks up the machines when in
> multiuser mode.
> On a workstaion I then tried to sneak tunefs into the first lines of
> /etc/rc.  Unfortunately it seems that
> '/' is read/write mounted before /etc/rc runs, so the tunefs just makes an
> error and the box boots up
> again without softupdates.  My question then is how to go about getting the
> tunefs line in a startup
> script, before the disk is mounted read/write and with realtime access only
> in multiuser mode by telnet/ssh2.
> Or perhaps there is another means, this being BSD?
this question should go to questions at list i suppose.

Anyways, you can solve your problem with sysinstall.Enter sysinstall, 
choose configure, then label management.You will see the "Toggle 
softupdates" (or something similar).This should do the trick.

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