New ports on older stable (4.11)

Pete French petefrench at
Thu Mar 2 11:41:55 UTC 2006

> I still share a part of your trepidation about getting oneself into
> a bind with uncooperative dependencies, etc.  However, I have had
> more success than I would have imagined.

Thats good to hear. What I am intending to do is to backup the
whole ports tree, try and do the upgrade, and if it doesnt work
then just go and rebuild all the old ones instead.

> Go slow, read Makefiles first, that sort of thing.  You can probably 
> install portupgrade without too much trouble, as it doesn't have a lot 

Never used portupgrade and am not really in the mood for investigating
exciting new software at the same time as the upgrade. My normal
procedure is to backup the config files and then delete every single
port on the system, until I get nothing out of pkg_info. Then start
re-installing one by one, starting with the mail system and finishing
woth the webserver.

> Just for prurient interest, would you care to post your pkg_info?  If
> you have portupgrade installed, or can install it, how about the output
> from "portupgrade -na" also.

Sure, see the end of this email....

We have two things not included - which are mailman and python. I'd love
those to be from ports, but the guy who originally installed them
did them from the tarfiles. As a result puthon seems to use a different
encryption to the one in prst, so if I move to using python from
ports then none of the passwords work. This has been bugging me since
FreeBSD 3, so any suggestions there would be welcome. Meanwhile
heres the pkg_info for those interested...


BitchX-1.1          "An alternative ircII color client with optional GTK/GNOME 
analog-5.32_3,1     An extremely fast program for analysing WWW logfiles
apache-1.3.33_1     The extremely popular Apache http server.  Very fast, very 
arc-5.21j           Create & extract files from DOS .ARC files
autoconf-2.13.000227_5 Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms 
autoconf-2.53_3     Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms 
automake-1.4.6_1    GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (legacy version 
automake-1.5_2,1    GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (version 1.5)
bash-2.05b.007_2    The GNU Bourne Again Shell
bison-1.75_2        A parser generator from FSF, (mostly) compatible with Yacc
bitlbee-0.92        An IRC to other chat networks gateway
bogofilter-0.92.8   "Fast, teachable, learning spam detector"
clamav-0.83         Command line virus scanner written entirely in C
cpdup-1.05          A comprehensive filesystem mirroring program
ctorrent-1.3.4      BitTorrent Client written in C for FreeBSD and Linux
db42-4.2.52_3       The Berkeley DB package, revision 4.2
demime-1.1d         A tool to scrub mime from mailing lists
docbook-1.3         Meta-port for the different versions of the DocBook DTD
docbook-241_2       V2.4.1 of the DocBook DTD, designed for technical documenta
docbook-3.0_2       V3.0 of the DocBook DTD, designed for technical documentati
docbook-3.1_2       V3.1 of the DocBook DTD, designed for technical documentati
docbook-4.0_2       V4.0 of the DocBook DTD, designed for technical documentati
docbook-4.1_2       V4.1 of the DocBook DTD, designed for technical documentati
docbook-xml-4.2_1   XML version of the DocBook DTD
exim-4.43+28_1      High performance MTA for Unix systems on the Internet
expat-1.95.8        XML 1.0 parser written in C
freetype2-2.1.7_4   A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
gd-2.0.33_1,1       A graphics library for fast creation of images
gettext-0.14.1      GNU gettext package
ghc-6.2.2           A Compiler for the functional language Haskell
glib-2.4.8          Some useful routines of C programming (current stable versi
gmake-3.80_2        GNU version of 'make' utility
gsl-1.5             The GNU Scientific Library - mathematical libs
help2man-1.34.2     Automatically generating simple manual pages from program o
ircii-20040216      The 'Internet Relay Chat' and 'Internet Citizens Band' Clie
iso8879-1986_2      Character entity sets from ISO 8879:1986 (SGML)
ispell-3.2.06_12    An interactive spelling checker for multiple languages
ja-p5-Jcode-0.87    Perl extension interface to convert Japanese text
jpeg-6b_3           IJG's jpeg compression utilities
lha-1.14i_6         Archive files using LZSS and Huffman compression (.lzh file
libgmp-4.1.3        A free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
libgnugetopt-1.2    GNU getopt library
libiconv-1.9.2_1    A character set conversion library
libtool-1.3.5_2     Generic shared library support script (version 1.3)
libtool-1.5.10      Generic shared library support script (version 1.5)
linuxdoc-1.1_1      The Linuxdoc SGML DTD
lynx-ssl-2.8.5      A non-graphical, text-based World-Wide Web client with SSL 
m4-1.4.1            GNU m4
mtr-nox11-0.65_1    Traceroute and ping in a single graphical network diagnosti
mutella-0.4.5,1     A command line Gnutella client
mutt-      The Mongrel of Mail User Agents (part Elm, Pine, Mush, mh, 
mysql-client-4.0.22 Multithreaded SQL database (client)
mysql-server-4.0.22 Multithreaded SQL database (server)
nmap-3.77           Port scanning utility for large networks
openwebmail-2.41    A webmail system designed to manage big mail folder files e
p5-Compress-Zlib-1.33 Perl5 interface to zlib compression library
p5-Convert-BinHex-1.119 Perl module to extract data from Macintosh BinHex files
p5-Crypt-SSLeay-0.51 Perl5 interface to allow p5-libwww LWP to make https connec
p5-Digest-HMAC-1.01 Perl5 interface to HMAC Message-Digest Algorithms
p5-Digest-SHA1-2.10 Perl interface to the SHA-1 Algorithm
p5-Event-1.02       A Generic Perl Event Loop
p5-File-Spec-0.90   A Perl module for portably manipulating file specifications
p5-Filter-1.30      A number of source filters for perl5 programs
p5-Font-AFM-1.18    An interface to Adobe font metrics files
p5-HTML-Format-2.04 A module to format HTML to text or PS
p5-HTML-Parser-3.38 Perl5 module for parsing HTML documents
p5-HTML-SimpleLinkExtor-1.06 This is a simple HTML link extractor
p5-HTML-Tagset-3.03 Some useful data table in parsing HTML
p5-HTML-Tree-3.18   A collection of modules to manupulate HTML syntax trees
p5-IO-Socket-SSL-0.96 Perl5 interface to SSL sockets
p5-IO-stringy-2.109 Perl5 module for using IO handles with non-file objects
p5-MIME-Base64-3.05 Perl5 module for Base64 and Quoted-Printable encodings
p5-MIME-Lite-3.01   A simple interface for creating (not parsing!) MIME message
p5-MIME-Tools-5.415,2 A set of perl5 modules for MIME
p5-Mail-SpamAssassin-3.0.1_2 A highly efficient mail filter for identifying spam
p5-Mail-Tools-1.64  Perl5 modules for dealing with Internet e-mail messages
p5-Net-DNS-0.48     Perl5 interface to the DNS resolver, and dynamic updates
p5-Net-SSLeay-1.25  Perl5 interface to SSL
p5-POE-0.3003       Multitasking and networking framework for perl
p5-POE-Component-Server-HTTP-0.05 POE Component to create HTTP Servers
p5-POE-Component-Server-XMLRPC-0.05 POE Component to create XMLRPC Servers
p5-SOAP-Lite-0.60a  SOAP::Lite - Client and server side SOAP implementation
p5-Storable-2.13    Persistency for perl data structures
p5-Text-Iconv-1.4   Perl interface to iconv() codeset conversion function
p5-Time-HiRes-1.65,1 A perl5 module implementing High resolution time, sleep, an
p5-URI-1.35         Perl5 interface to Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) refere
p5-Unicode-Map-0.112 Perl class that converts strings to/from 2-byte Unicode UCS
p5-Unicode-Map8-0.12 Mapping table between 8-bit chars and Unicode
p5-Unicode-MapUTF8-1.09 Perl class that implements conversion between arbitrary cha
p5-Unicode-String-2.07_1 These are experimental Perl5 modules to handle various Unic
p5-XML-Parser-2.34_1 Perl extension interface to James Clark's XML parser, expat
p5-XML-Simple-2.13  Trivial API for reading and writing XML (esp config files)
p5-gettext-1.03     Message handling functions
p5-libwww-5.79_1    Perl5 library for WWW access
pcre-5.0            Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
pdflib-6.0.1        A C library for dynamically generating PDF
pecl-pdflib-2.0.4   A PECL extension to create PDF on the fly
perl-5.8.5          Practical Extraction and Report Language
pgp-2.6.3i_1        PGP International version - Public-Key encryption for the m
php4-4.3.10         PHP Scripting Language (Apache Module and CLI)
php4-bz2-4.3.10     The bz2 shared extension for php
php4-gd-4.3.10      The gd shared extension for php
php4-mysql-4.3.10   The mysql shared extension for php
php4-openssl-4.3.10 The openssl shared extension for php
php4-pcre-4.3.10    The pcre shared extension for php
php4-session-4.3.10 The session shared extension for php
php4-zlib-4.3.10    The zlib shared extension for php
pine-4.61           PINE(tm) -- a Program for Internet News & Email
pkgconfig-0.15.0_1  A utility used to retrieve information about installed libr
png-1.2.8           Library for manipulating PNG images
procmail-3.22_5     A local mail delivery agent
qpopper-4.0.5_2     Berkeley POP 3 server (now maintained by Qualcomm)
razor-agents-2.67   A distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering 
rc_subr-1.31        Common startup and shutdown subroutines used by scripts
rsync-2.6.3_1       A network file distribution/synchronization utility
screen-4.0.2_1      A multi-screen window manager
sgmlformat-1.7_2    Generates groff and HTML from linuxdoc and docbook SGML doc
t1lib-5.0.1,1       A Type 1 Rasterizer Library for UNIX/X11
unarj-2.65_1        Allows files to be extracted from ARJ archives
unrar-3.43,3        Extract, view & test RAR archives
unzip-5.51          List, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive
wget-1.8.2_6        Retrieve files from the Net via HTTP and FTP
xmbmon-nox11-205_1  X/tty motherboard monitor for LM78/79, W8378x, AS99127F, VT
xmlcatmgr-2.2       SGML and XML catalog manager
zoo-2.10.1          Manipulate archives of files in compressed form

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