New ports on older stable (4.11)

Pete French petefrench at
Wed Mar 1 11:05:15 UTC 2006

I dont know how backward compatible ports are ggenerally, but I
have a 4.11 machine that I really want to upgrade the ports on.
But I dont know if they will alla ctually compile, and I dont wnat to
start doing the process only to find that I cant build one of them
possibly. Does anybody know if this is likely to work, or is it
simply unsupported ?

I;d love to upgrade the machine to 6.1 - but I have no physical access to
it, nor am I likely to get any for the forseeable future, and upgrading
across the 4/5 boundary isn't something I would be happy doing remotiley
in multi-user mode (if it's even possible!)


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