6.2-PRE: Fatal Trap?

Karol Kwiatkowski freebsd at orchid.homeunix.org
Sat Dec 30 08:32:26 PST 2006

Robert Watson wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Dec 2006, Larry Rosenman wrote:
>>>> I had to on an emergency basis replace my aging P-1 Firewall.  The
>>>> guys at my hosting company gave me an AthlonXP 2200+, and with 6.1
>>>> (all the way up to today's RELENG_6_1), it works fine.
>>>> I tried(!) to put 6.2-PRE (RELENG_6) on it, but no matter what I do,
>>>> it panics when either NTPD or SSHD starts (depending on whats first).
>>>> Unfortunately, I don't have the exact panic (it's a page not
>>>> present, and if I understood my remote eyes/hands right, a NULL
>>>> de-reference).
>>>> The box is 300+ miles away (Distance from Austin, TX to Dallas, TX).
>>>> Anyone got ideas?
>>> It looks like the attached patch was missed in the MFC I just pointed
>>> at. Could you try applying it?
>>> You can also fetch it from:
>>>  http://www.watson.org/~robert/freebsd/20061230-20061230-tcp_pcb_fix.diff
>> Normally, I'd be more than happy to, but, given:
>> 1) the box is 300+ miles away
>> 2) I do NOT have access to remote hands again till Tuesday (Holiday)
>> 3) this is my firewall between all my services and the rest of the world
>>   and if down, I'm off the air :(
>> I wish I could, but can't afford to be down for the 5 days :(
>> Thanks for the diagnosis, however, as I was going nuts.
> I've gone ahead and MFC'd the missing tcp_subr.c patch and the change
> now appears stable on by 6-STABLE test box.  I'd appreciate it if other
> people experiencing the panic could slide forward to confirm (or perhaps
> less ideally, not confirm) that this fixes the problem for them also.

The link is slightly broken, I've found the patch here:


Applied, recompiled the kernel - no more panic :)

Thanks Robert nad Max. If there's anything else needed let me know.


P.S. out of curiosity - now that I have configured kernel with DDB and
KDB options, is there any performance penalty of running such kernel?

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