6.2-PRE: Fatal Trap?

Robert Watson rwatson at FreeBSD.org
Sat Dec 30 08:04:53 PST 2006

On Sat, 30 Dec 2006, Larry Rosenman wrote:

>>> I had to on an emergency basis replace my aging P-1 Firewall.  The guys at 
>>> my hosting company gave me an AthlonXP 2200+, and with 6.1 (all the way up 
>>> to today's RELENG_6_1), it works fine.
>>> I tried(!) to put 6.2-PRE (RELENG_6) on it, but no matter what I do, it 
>>> panics when either NTPD or SSHD starts (depending on whats first).
>>> Unfortunately, I don't have the exact panic (it's a page not present, and 
>>> if I understood my remote eyes/hands right, a NULL de-reference).
>>> The box is 300+ miles away (Distance from Austin, TX to Dallas, TX).
>>> Anyone got ideas?
>> It looks like the attached patch was missed in the MFC I just pointed at. 
>> Could you try applying it?
>> You can also fetch it from:
>>  http://www.watson.org/~robert/freebsd/20061230-20061230-tcp_pcb_fix.diff
> Normally, I'd be more than happy to, but, given:
> 1) the box is 300+ miles away
> 2) I do NOT have access to remote hands again till Tuesday (Holiday)
> 3) this is my firewall between all my services and the rest of the world
>   and if down, I'm off the air :(
> I wish I could, but can't afford to be down for the 5 days :(
> Thanks for the diagnosis, however, as I was going nuts.

I've gone ahead and MFC'd the missing tcp_subr.c patch and the change now 
appears stable on by 6-STABLE test box.  I'd appreciate it if other people 
experiencing the panic could slide forward to confirm (or perhaps less 
ideally, not confirm) that this fixes the problem for them also.

Robert N M Watson
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge

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