OpenBSD's spamd.

Christopher Hilton chris at
Sat Dec 16 11:29:43 PST 2006

Has anyone gotten a newer version of OpenBSD's spamd than the one in 
ports going? I'm cvsupping my ports tree now but since I didn't see an 
update on the cvs server I'm assuming 3.7 is the latest version.

Between OpenBSD 3.7 and 3.8 spamd gained the ability to tarpit or 
stutter at all connections for a configurable period of time. I 
understand that stuttering for the first few seconds of the SMTP dialog 
causes many spammers to go away before even generating a greylisting 
tuple. It's something I'd like to try and see for myself and it will be 
fairly easy since my primary MX is behind an OpenBSD firewall. However, 
my secondary MX is a FreeBSD box with no such protection and I fear that 
the spammers will just take advantage of the fact that my secondary MX 
has weaker protections than my primary.

-- Chris

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