p5-Quota issues

Olivier Mueller om-lists-bsd at omx.ch
Thu Dec 14 20:05:02 PST 2006

Hi Oliver & thanks for your Feedback,

Le 15 déc. 06 à 00:57, Oliver Fromme a écrit :

> Olivier Mueller wrote:
>> I'm trying to get a script working with the p5-Quota module, but no
>> way... :
>> - quota correctely working for the /home partition
>> - tested with edquota/repquota, etc.
>> But when trying to retrieve information or setup quota information  
>> from
>> a perl script, I get:   Quota::sync: error #45
> I guess that's an errno number, and in that case 45 is
> EOPNOTSUPP (Operation not supported).  It is a bug that
> the errno number is not printed as a human-readable
> string.
> Did you try to use Quota::query?  Does it work?

Tried yes, work: no.

>> But what bothers me more is that exactely the same script (with the
>> same module) is working fine under linux...
> According to the p5-Quota documentation, the Quota::sync
> function is not supported on all platforms, so it's
> perfectly possible that the p5-Quota code supports it
> on Linux, but not on FreeBSD.

Well, in this case, why would there be a freebsd port for this  
module? :-)

I'll continue my tests... And if it doesn't work, I'll simply use the  
system commands
instead of the perl module, but then I would have to rewrite some  
part of my scripts.


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