Adaptec 2100, asr driver

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Wed Dec 13 14:16:12 PST 2006

Charles Sprickman wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, Jim Pingle wrote:
>> Willem Jan Withagen wrote:
>>> So the 1000$ question: is there any chance of getting at least the state
>>> of the RAID and its disk out into the open? It shure would give me a
>>> much better feeling, knowing that at least serious trouble would be
>>> detected by me. Instead of getting this call from a NOC.
>> It works fine here. I use this on systems with 2100s, and with 2010s.
>> cd /usr/ports/sysutils/asr-utils; make install clean
>> Make sure it installs compat4x, it should as it is listed as a 
>> dependency.
>> Add this to /etc/rc.conf:
>> compat4x_enable="YES"
>> add "options ASR_COMPAT" to your kernel and rebuild the kernel
> I have quite a few machines with the Adaptec cards, and while I hate 
> them and the management tools, I don't have much choice but to use them 
> until we retire the hardware.
> Does anyone have any info on whether adaptec is planning on updating 
> these tools to work with FreeBSD 6+?  Or have they basically abandoned 
> support for FreeBSD?  Knowing that info would help me plan our 4.11 to 
> 6.x migration.

Well what I hated about it, is that I could not monitor the state of the 
individual disks. But Jim's remarks proved me wrong.
There's probably enough stuff in the driver to not run it on amd64, but in my 
case it is a legacy system, not old enough to toss.

I too came from 4.x on this system, not really careing for the tools while at 
5.x. But once it started to beep we needed some action. I see very few 
obstacles to go for it.


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