6.2-RC1 em(4) issue - freezes during CD boot

Jack Vogel jfvogel at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 12:38:33 PST 2006

On 12/12/06, Chris Buechler <freebsd at chrisbuechler.com> wrote:
> Jack Vogel wrote:
> > UH, can't do anything if you don't give any information, saying its a
> > 'box'
> > and it has an 'em' is useless. We have installed RC1 on a number of
> > systems without problem.
> Yes, I understand that.  I was after what info would be useful.  You
> gave me a few ideas, thanks.
> As for ACPI, the boot menu option recently changed to "enable ACPI", so
> I'm assuming it must be disabled by default now.  I tried with ACPI on
> 6.2-RC1 and got the same result.
> I was able to narrow this down to something that has changed since
> 6.2-BETA3.  The BETA3 CD boots, installs, and works fine.  The RC1 CD
> won't boot, as I described in my first message.
> With the em card taken out, the 6.2-RC1 CD boots and installs just fine,
> so it's definitely the em card.
> Hardware:
> Dual AMD Athlon MP 2800+, Tyan Tiger MPX motherboard, 2 GB reg ECC RAM,
> Adaptec 2110S PCI-X SCSI RAID, onboard xl(4) NIC, Intel PRO/1000 MT PCI
> desktop adapter (ugh, I know it's not well suited for the box, but this
> is a personal server and a cheap card that's adequate for my needs).
> Drives:  3 x 18 GB SCSI in RAID 5, 1 x 73 GB SCSI on RAID controller but
> a stand alone drive, and a 500 GB IDE drive on the onboard IDE controller.

I need the PCI ID of that NIC, just to be sure that I can't reproduce this, but
I doubt it, pciconf -l
You can install without the card, reconfig the kernel so em isnt static in it,
rebuild and install that kernel... THEN put the NIC back in and you should
be able to boot. interesting question is what will happen when you load
the em driver afterwords :) But that way you can do the pciconf with the
thing plugged in but not hanging the system.


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