Adaptec 2100, asr driver

Jim Pingle lists at
Wed Dec 13 09:15:51 PST 2006

Willem Jan Withagen wrote:
> So the 1000$ question: is there any chance of getting at least the state
> of the RAID and its disk out into the open? It shure would give me a
> much better feeling, knowing that at least serious trouble would be
> detected by me. Instead of getting this call from a NOC.

It works fine here. I use this on systems with 2100s, and with 2010s.

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/asr-utils; make install clean

Make sure it installs compat4x, it should as it is listed as a dependency.

Add this to /etc/rc.conf:

add "options ASR_COMPAT" to your kernel and rebuild the kernel

Reboot. That's it.

You can use "raidutil -A off" to silence the alarm once it is active. As
well as checking the drives with "raidutil -L all". You can get more/less
detail, just check the command line options.


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