Adaptec 2100, asr driver

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Wed Dec 13 08:12:45 PST 2006


I have a customer with a server with an Adaptec 2100 SCSI card and 2 73Gb 
seagates, running 6.1.

Now one of the disks has been acting up and disconnected from the Raid-1.
Customer got a call from the NOC that a server was beeping quite loud.

So I rebuild the RAID and stress tested it a little, and thus far the disks 
have not disconnected or caused other trouble.

I am however reluctant to ship the box back into the data center, because I 
can not get the ASR tools to work with the card. Reading this list, this is 
not really uncommon.

So the 1000$ question: is there any chance of getting at least the state of 
the RAID and its disk out into the open? It shure would give me a much better 
feeling, knowing that at least serious trouble would be detected by me. 
Instead of getting this call from a NOC.

OR was this driver maintained by the manufacturer and he is no longer 
supporting it?


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