Mounting OpenBSD partitions

Alex Burke alexjeffburke at
Wed Dec 6 05:19:43 PST 2006


What you need is a GEOM module called nbsd. Here is the link:

This module is analgous to the default component (geom_bsd I believe
it is called) that understands FreeBSD disklabels, but instead it
understands NetBSD, OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD disklabels.

Once compiled and kldload'ed into the kernel, that module will allow
you to mount your partitions from the OpenBSD disk. However, note that
when I used it, there was some bug that did not allow you to get rid
of the module (cannot rememeber whether it panicked, hung or just
refused to unload), and so I simply rebooted once I had pulled the
data off the drive I needed to.

Incidentally, it seems a great shame that FreeBSD does not deliver
this support in the base system, it would seem like a VERY useful
thing to be able to do for users and developers who use a couple of
the different BSD systems.

Thanks and hope this helps, Alex J Burke.

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