ggate still broken on 6.2-RC1 for amd64.

Ulrich Spoerlein uspoerlein at
Tue Dec 5 00:34:37 PST 2006

David Gilbert wrote:
> GGate is still broken on 6.2-RC1 for amd64.
> I have verified that the patch in kern/104829 has been applied (it's
> in the tree).
> I have also added the patch in amd64/91799 --- without it, ggated
> doesn't work at all.  This should definately make it into 6.2
> But the ggated/ggatec in 6.2-RC1 connects now (and is happy about
> that).  In fact, the tasting on the ggatec side that happens due to
> new disks showing up works, too.  However, any attempt to pass
> significant traffic causes ggatec to seeminly lock up.
> In my configuration, I have a gmirror running with a local disk
> (already) and I want to "gmirror insert" the ggate disk.  When I do
> so, I get 50 write requests queued (I upped the gmirror buffer count
> to 50 to make syncronization happen faster) and things never move from
> there.

/me too. Though I tested this on two FreeBSD/i386 SMP machines with
gmirror + ggated combination. There *is* traffic going on, but it is
somewhere around 50kB/s (sic! no kidding!).

Also, forcefully removing the ggate0 provider (ggatec destroy -fu0),
which should not impact the mirror operation in any way, panic'ed the

I can't rebuild this test scenario on -CURRENT right now, but will do so
time permitting. Maybe this is related to the gmirror deadlock I
reported. But I no longer have SMP hardware to play with ...

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