Realtek (re(4)) Driver in 6.1

Pietro Cerutti pietro.cerutti at
Mon Dec 4 15:00:21 PST 2006

On 12/4/06, Marwan Sultan <dead_line at> wrote:
> Hello Pietro,

>   Yes its heavy load, and every few days my vr0 stops acting as DHCP and i
> find watchdog
>   timeout error..
Yep, those are the symptoms...

>   What is the solutions? (change the NICs? both?
>   And how to fix it! (console solutions? )
I'm sorry, I can't help you... I'm not (yet) able to play with the
if_re module code, and when I asked the same question a few years ago,
the only answer I got was: "Realtek sucks, go out and buy yourself a
real NIC!"
At the time they pointed out 3Com or Intel as good candidates, but
since my purpose was just to keep a SOHO server up, I never went out
and never bought myself a new nic ;-)

There's a discussion going on on freebsd-stable@ about the if_re
module [sorry for cross posting], and it seems there's really skilled
people taking part in the chat, so maybe they can give some [further]

>   Thank you.

>    Marwan.

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