mounting reiserfs

Maximiliano Combina maxicombina at
Mon May 30 05:28:59 PDT 2005

Hello everybody!
I am a debian user, I have been for 4 years.
I am migrating to freebsd and, of course, there are a lot of things I
must learn (I am used to reading lot of documentation, so please dont
hesitate in giving me links to documentation :) ).
My "problem" now is that I would like to mount my reiserfs paritions
from freebsd. I have found a driver to mount those partitions as
read-only (I dont have the link here :( ), but I have not tried the
driver myself.
Does anyone know a way to mount a reiserfs partition from freebsd? To
write in one of those partitions?

Well, happy to be here!
Best Regards,
Plantalta random fortune:
Un microprocesador, por dentro, es como una ciudad del futuro.
	(Ing. Pablo Ferreira)

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