Why Move . . .

Kurt Buff kurt.buff at gmail.com
Sat May 28 10:38:15 PDT 2005

Phares Kariuki wrote:
> Hi,
> Im currently running fedora core 2. I was informed about this list by a 
> friend running freebsd. Now what I wanted to ask is whether any one of you 
> has used any redhat flavours, if so, what is the distinct advantage of 
> moving to freebsd ( i have never used it), i cant just migrate because the 
> machines I have access to are production machines.

I can't tell you that FreeBSD is better for your needs.

However, I have found that I agree with what this person has to say on
the matter.


I fiddled with Linux for several years, not getting very far, then I
found FreeBSD, and got the consistency and stability and ease of use
that I sought.


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