Highpoint HPT371 support (kern/59624)

Oliver Fromme olli at lurza.secnetix.de
Sun May 22 05:03:32 PDT 2005


Why is kern/59624 still open?  It's about 1,5 years old.
Would someone please commit it?  Or, if it cannot be
commited, please tell me why.  If any information is
missing (pcicon -lv output, verbose dmesg or whatever),
I'd be happy to provide it.

The patch in that PR brings support for the Highpoint HPT371
ATA133 controller to FreeBSD 4-stable (it's supported in
FreeBSD 5 for a long time already).  The patch is fairly
trivial, and I'm running 4.x with that patch for almost two
years, using various devices connected to my HPT371 (a DVD-
ROM drive, a DVD-R/W recorder, several UDMA harddisks using
hot-swap via atacontrol detach/attach).

Zero problems so far, except that I have to merge the patch
each time I update my world.  :-)

Thank you very much.

Best regards

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