Tuomo Latto djv at
Sun May 22 04:53:17 PDT 2005

Would it be possible to force the mailing list software to
rename recipient header freebsd-stable at to
stable at or vice versa and then remove duplicates?
I mean it seems like half the people on the list use
freebsd-stable at address and the other half
stable at
A lot of times people manage to add the missing version of
the list address to their reply to someone's post and I
(along with the rest of the list readers) end up getting
the same message twice. It's bad enough when you get the same
message twice if you get it both via pm and list, but getting
two copies of the same post via list is just stupid.
Any chance of having something done to change this?


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     A: None. We'll fix it in software

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