USB keyboard support in 5.4

Marco Pirovano marco.pirovano at
Fri May 20 00:59:41 PDT 2005

Scrive "Wilde, Donald" <dwilde at>:

> I recently cvsup'd to -STABLE a clean 5.4 install, and when I did so, my
> USB keyboard (on a Dell GX280) did not work in single-user mode. I had
> previously (when working with 5.4-RELEASE as a clean install) created an
> /etc/rc.i386 file with the kbdcontrol redirect line in it as specified
> in the Handbook, and that worked fine. During the final mergemaster run
> in upgrading to -STABLE, the rc.i386 file I'd created was removed as
> obsolete.
> What worked was to remove 'device atkbd' from the kernel, rebuild, and
> reboot, as per the ukbd man page. The only remaining issue is that in
> bootup I get a complaint from kbdcontrol that device /dev/ukbd0 is busy.
> It's after mounting filesystems and doesn't show up in dmesg. Grepping
> /etc, I see that there's an attach/detach sequence in /etc/devd.conf
> which includes a kbdcontrol line for /dev/ukbd0. Should I modify this?
> My GX280 has no old-style kbd or ps2 mouse ports at all.
> Don Wilde


I had the same problem on a Dell 670.

Try to put on  "/boot/loader.conf"  "hint.atkbd.0.flags="0x1"


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