problems with ASR card/5.4

Scott Long scottl at
Wed May 18 19:25:56 PDT 2005

Bruce Burden wrote:
>    Hi Doug,
> 	well, pulling cards demonstrated where the problem lie, but it
>    was not a hardware problem. By chance, I happened upon the "options 
>    ASR_COMPAT" directive, and that solved my problem. However, the 
>    GENERIC kernel configuration for i386 does NOT have this option, but
>    it does have the "asr" driver configured.
> 	Having one but not the other causes problems, as I discovered.
> 							Bruce

Thanks for the report.  The ASR_COMPAT option should be self-contained, 
so if its abscence is causing problems then it needs to be fixed.  I'll
try to look at it soon.


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