Alright you primitive screwheads, LISTEN UP!!

Andrey Smirnov smir at
Wed May 18 08:05:06 PDT 2005

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Well, (Gary said, ddeliberately changing the ^Subject:),
> 	interesting. My mother's parents are from Hungary, two of my
> 	dad's grandparents from  Germany.  
> 	Didn't know about Hungary (or Japan).  China, yes.  Anybody 
> 	on this geek list know any other societies where the surname 
> 	is traditionally presented first and the given name last?  

In Russia, in all official documents name is written:
	Family_Name First_Name Middle_Name

So, my full name would be:
	Smirnov Andrey Andreevich

In short form, we usually put first name in head of family name (surname):
	Andrey Smirnov
This feels less official.

So, it's sometimes hard to find out what is what if you don't know 
Russian names well.

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