Alright you primitive screwheads, LISTEN UP!!

Martin P. Hellwig mhellwig at
Mon May 16 15:01:00 PDT 2005


> John      <Who dealt with being called Farmer John by dweebs who used it
>                _intending_ it to derogatory insult...>

Well with my last name it doesn't even matter in what country/language 
you are... 
However I must say (otherwise I would not write to the list anyway) that 
I can imagine that it gets frustrating when people are begging for your 
help but don't have the politeness to address you correctly. Post 
ponding it ten years, hell yes I would definitely at least express my 

Sure there are people having much bigger problem then that (I even knew 
people who didn't have a official name).
But I seem to fail to see the logic that somebody else's big problem 
makes an total unrelated other persons problem less annoying, 
perspective is a nice thing but doesn't usually solve the root if the 

Of course Bill expressed himself in his usual writing style which always 
make me (at least) smile, don't know though if that is intentional or 
that  I have a freaking sense of humor (being born German I don't rule 
that out).

However in defense I also must say that Paul is not a bad name, I even 
got it in my middle!
Concluding, if Bill wants to be called Bill, what is the problem with that?
He is not demanding that the next new discovered planet is named after him.
His post has lighten up my day (middle in the night just before getting 
to bed you bastard!) and even got me to reply on someone saying he 
should take it more easy.

So I <nod> and move along.


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