Alright you primitive screwheads, LISTEN UP!!

J. T. Farmer jfarmer at
Mon May 16 14:23:02 PDT 2005

Bill Paul wrote:

>Ok everyone, PAY ATTENTION! Drop whatevery your doing for the next
>five minutes and READ THIS!!

Someone needs to drop back on their caffeine dosage...

Seriously, if that is the worse thing that you have to deal with, then I 
don't care if you drop me on your personal "do not care" list.

I mean, I have friends out of work, others facing serious illnesses, and 
others that have to deal with a much heavier load than, "Someone can't get
my name right..."  And you have the audacity to swear at us on mailing lists
dedicated to technical support and issues....

All I can say is .... PAUL or BILL or BILL PAUL or PAUL BILL or whatever
you get called, you need to chill out and get a life.

John      <Who dealt with being called Farmer John by dweebs who used it
                _intending_ it to derogatory insult...>

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