nForce[34] chipsets?

Damian Gerow dgerow at
Fri May 13 07:40:00 PDT 2005

Thus spake Ivan Voras (ivoras at [13/05/05 07:37]:
: Some time ago, there were complaints that nForce chipsets don't work very 
: well on FreeBSD - specifically various components like built-in NIC, sound 
: card, ACPI...
: Is this still true? What about nForce4 (PCI-Express) support?
: (I'm interested in 5.x branch only)

I'm using it right now, under 5.4-STABLE (about a week ago).  The PCI-E
graphics card works fine, but randomly the display in goes wonky: all
the windows just go white when they try to refresh.

Swapping to a text console then back to fixes the problem.  Dunno if
it's an issue with FreeBSD, the card, the nv driver, or itself.

  - Damian

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