wi0 is always status: no carrier

Tod McQuillin devin at spamcop.net
Thu May 12 22:17:47 PDT 2005

On Thu, 12 May 2005, Kirk Strauser wrote:

> I've finally coerced FreeBSD 5.4 to see my PCMCIA WLAN card (with many 
> thanks to Warner), but it always reports "status: no carrier".  I'm 
> attempting to connect to an open WAP that broadcasts it's SSID, so my 
> understanding is that it should be as simple as "ifconfig wi0 ad.dr.es.s 
> netmask" or "dhclient wi0", but neither of those work.

Be sure to set the ssid:  ifconfig wi0 ssid whatever
Tod McQuillin

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