wi0 is always status: no carrier

Kirk Strauser kirk at strauser.com
Thu May 12 20:36:21 PDT 2005

I've finally coerced FreeBSD 5.4 to see my PCMCIA WLAN card (with many thanks 
to Warner), but it always reports "status: no carrier".  I'm attempting to 
connect to an open WAP that broadcasts it's SSID, so my understanding is that 
it should be as simple as "ifconfig wi0 ad.dr.es.s netmask" or 
"dhclient wi0", but neither of those work.  If I do manually specify an 
address, then I can ping that address, but I'm not sure if that actually 
means anything.

I've also been running tcpdump on the DHCP server for that wireless network.  
I can see plenty of traffic from the other machines, but absolutely nothing 
from the laptop.

My /boot/loader.conf looks like:


Is there something else I'm blatantly missing?
Kirk Strauser
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