apm in 5.4

Ronald Klop ronald-freebsd8 at klop.yi.org
Thu May 12 08:36:42 PDT 2005

On Thu, 12 May 2005 17:23:52 +0200, Matthias Buelow <mkb at incubus.de> wrote:

> Ronald Klop wrote:
>> Yes, I have apm build into the kernel. Does your machine have apm?
>> As somebody else mentioned first try if you have ACPI support on your
>> machine. It is a modern, more advanced version of apm. If ACPI works
>> never  look at APM again.
> Yes, it does have APM, I've used it with Linux and NetBSD without any
> problems.  FreeBSD's ACPI is flakey on that machine.. if I use the wi-fi
> pccard, I always get a freeze (if it's already inserted) or panic (if I
> insert it).

Report your panic on the mailinglist or using send-pr. I can't help you  
with it, but there are people who can.
Try to compile a kernel with apm in and acpi not in and I think I have  
also something like pmtimer which is used by apm. And make sure acpi isn't  
loaded as a module.


  Ronald Klop
  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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