Daniel Eischen deischen at
Wed May 11 07:55:54 PDT 2005

On Tue, 10 May 2005, Mikhail Teterin wrote:

> = > As we were counting down to 5.3-RELEASE, I noticed, that all
> = > threading libraries still compile with PTHREAD_INVARIANTS. My
> = > suggestion to have this = > fixed was shutdown as not enough time
> = > was left for testing the 5.3.
> = > Can we have these things turned off NOW, so that, at least, 5.5
> = > stands a chance? Thanks!
> =
> = What makes you think there is a measurable performance impact with
> = them on?
> Interesting... Are you implying, the debugging code makes no difference,
> or are genuinly asking?


> There are additional steps in the code, that are only done when
> the define is on. Does not look like much in libthr, but c_r's
> uthread/uthread_mutex.c seems quite affected, for example. And you know
> it, of course...

c_r is deprecated, so I've no interest in that.  My only concern
is with libthr and libpthread.

> = Regardless, it would first need to be in -current, not -stable.
> I thought, the debugging features (WITNESS INVARIANTS) are always on in
> -current, but are turned off in -stable for maximum performance. Is that
> no longer true?

They've never been off in -current.  You'd have to show turning
them off causes no harm.


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