Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at
Tue May 10 20:43:58 PDT 2005

= > As we were counting down to 5.3-RELEASE, I noticed, that all
= > threading libraries still compile with PTHREAD_INVARIANTS. My
= > suggestion to have this = > fixed was shutdown as not enough time
= > was left for testing the 5.3.

= > Can we have these things turned off NOW, so that, at least, 5.5
= > stands a chance? Thanks!
= What makes you think there is a measurable performance impact with
= them on?

Interesting... Are you implying, the debugging code makes no difference,
or are genuinly asking?

There are additional steps in the code, that are only done when
the define is on. Does not look like much in libthr, but c_r's
uthread/uthread_mutex.c seems quite affected, for example. And you know
it, of course...

= Regardless, it would first need to be in -current, not -stable.

I thought, the debugging features (WITNESS INVARIANTS) are always on in
-current, but are turned off in -stable for maximum performance. Is that
no longer true?


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