loader causes reboot

Jonathan Noack noackjr at alumni.rice.edu
Sun May 8 20:57:49 PDT 2005

On 05/08/05 14:29, David Gurvich wrote:
> cdrom /boot/loader from 5.3 has no problem.  However, after updating world 
> from kernel, /boot/loader is replaced with cvs version.  This one goes into 
> endless cycle of reboots.  When replaced with /boot/loader from cdrom boots 
> normally.

Are you setting CPUTYPE?  A few people have reported an endless reboot 
with the athlon-xp or pentium-m settings.  I experience this on my 
athlon-xp and the only workaround I've found is just to not set CPUTYPE. 
  This problem is way beyond my feeble skills to track down and fix, but 
it doesn't seem to affect many people and no one has stepped up to 
resolve it.  As it is easily worked around, I've brought it up a few 
times but haven't made too big of a fuss.  Come to think of it, why 
didn't I ever open a PR?  Hmm... perhaps I'll do that at work tomorrow 
(this is on a machine at work).

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