RC4 will not install using FTP

Pete French petefrench at ticketswitch.com
Wed May 4 04:30:16 PDT 2005

> I haven't been able to reproduce this yet.  I've successfully done an
> FTP install both from an initial floppy boot and from an initial disc1
> CD boot.  So it's not a "totally generic" problem, it might have
> something to do with the pathway you are following through sysinstall.

Possibly. I had to take a slightly odd path through sysinstall, as I'll
explain below.

> Was this a brand new install or were you installing over top of a
> pre-existing install?  If the latter did you recycle the existing disk
> partitions or have it wipe out everything and re-do them from scratch?

Old install, I kept the slice layout, but wiped all the partitions and
created new (different) ones. 

Other proble was that the first time through sysinstall it cannot resolve any
named from the nameserver. I then hitt Ctrl-C, go back to the start and
type all the same details in again. The second time round it works fine.

I dont know if that is likely to affect the install at all ? Could it
be having problems due to having the original partitions already mounted
from the first attempt maybe ?

I can't explain why I have to go through the networking part twice either.
I also note that even now I have the machine installed, em0 has trouble
coming up when I reboot the machine - I get 'host unreachable' errors on
boot, but then a bit later it seems to sort itself out fine.


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