gmirror oddities

EirikØverby ltning at
Tue May 3 00:56:10 PDT 2005


I've been using gmirror for a while to safeguard my system disks. I have
taken the slice-based mirror approach, where I use, say, ad0s1 and ad2s1 as
On one of my servers, this seems to be impossible. I create the mirror using
ad2s1 first (to keep my system running while I do some of the work), and
then I re-initialize ad0s1 (making it exactly the size of ad2s1) before
using gmirror insert to add it to the mirror.
However, at this point - when doing a gmirror list - it turns out that it
never added ad0s1 as a provider, but ad0 itself! As a result, I now have a
load of slices (ad0a, ad0b, ad0d, ad0e, ad0f) instead of having the same
structure as I have on ad2s1. It's just like ad2s1, just without the "s1"

I've tried "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ad0 bs=65536" a couple of times, in case
some old provider metadata was stored there. I also have exactly the same
setup in another server, the only difference being that it behaves as

Am I doing something blatantly wrong here? This IS supposed to work, right?
I've even found a very nice description of how to do it at
confirming that what I'm doing is right.

I'm on 5.4-PRERELEASE, but this problem has been there since 5.3-p2 or
something, which was when I first tried this.



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