mount_msdosfs /dev/fd0 causes reboot

Michael A. Koerber mak at
Mon May 2 09:28:38 PDT 2005

mtools was actually my first attempt at accessing the floppy drive.
Exactly the same end result.  I issued 'mdir a:' and after a few seconds
I was watching my system reboot.  After doing that twice with mdir, I
uninstalled mtools thinking it was the problem.  When I saw
mount_msdosfs gave me the same result, I began to suspect something more
basic to be at fault.

Dr Michael A. Koerber

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> "Michael A. Koerber" <mak at> writes:
>>I'm using 5.3-RELEASE and issuing the subject command, after a few
>>seconds pause, causes a reboot.  There are no /var/log/messages.  In one
>>case I saw a "stray irq 9" message flash across the console.  Has anyone
>>come across this problem?
> The IRQ 9 is *probably* unrelated.
> Although it doesn't excuse the presence of bugs in the first place,
> problems with mounted filesystems affect the kernel itself, so I've
> always been leery of mounting filesystems from unreliable media (like
> floppies) and usually stick to using mtools.  Do you have the mtools
> port installed?

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