FreeBSD & Serial ATA

O'Reilly, Stuart stuart at
Mon May 2 02:24:45 PDT 2005

%< --------- snipped
> I have had really good luck with the 3ware 8xxx cards for some time.  A 
> 2 port version can be had for ~$100USD.  I have quite a few running 4.x 
> and now RELENG_5 with great results.  You can also pull off the SMART 
> info from the drives via the smartmontools as well as monitor the status 
> via CLI and httpd apps.
> ---Mike


Do you have any information on where I might obtain the 3ware range in 
the UK. I had a look at their website and they listed a couple of 
suppliers in the UK, but I can't find any e-shops which sell them.


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